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Commitment and Class Requirements

There is a certain amount of commitment required from the parents and students for this to be a successful year like last year! September through January we work hard on ballet technique (ballet levels 4, 5, & 6 will perform in a winter show), January through June we continue working on technique, but we add choreography and rehearsals for all levels for the end of year performance that takes place in the beginning of June. In order for the show to be as successful as it was last year it is very important that the students attend all the classes and rehearsals, especially from January on. Missed classes may be made up only the same month and only if missed due to illness.

Students in any particular level may take any class below their level unless invited to take classes above level. If a student arrives more than 10 minutes late to class the student will sit and take notes. Unless there was an emergency. If a parent needs to speak with the teacher, they should do so in the morning but not during class time.

Students in Ballet 4 and above may purchase the unlimited class fee. The minimum required classes per level is as follows (unless your child is taking private lessons) but we strongly recommend taking as many classes, as this improves technique and level of dancing. If a student can’t take the required minimum for their level class they may still take classes at $20 per class but may not participate in the recital unless taking privates.

Ballet & Beyond dancers are not allowed to guest dance with other local studios during the school year unless it is with school events. If there is a special circumstance, the dancer must ask the director for permission first. Then a decision will be made on a case by case basis.


Ballet 1: 1 ballet class per week

Ballet 2: 2 ballet classes per week

Ballet 3: 3 ballet classes per week

Ballet 4: 5-8 ballet classes per week (if on pointe, must be 7 classes: 4 ballet and 3 pointe)

Ballet 5: 8-12 ballet classes per week (Unlimited Classes: Recommended 14 classes)

Ballet *6: 8-12 ballet classes per week (Unlimited Classes: Recommended 14 classes)

*The Ballet 6 class is for serious dancers. Only those who are very committed will be placed in this level.

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